OpenRIF, the Open Research Information Framework, is an open source organization that aims to provide specific and interoperable semantic constructs to support a diversity of applications including:

  • Standardization of research networking systems data - VIVO, Loki, Profiles, using the VIVO-Integrated Semantic Framework (VIVO-ISF)
  • Standardization of SciENcv data, the US federal biosketch system
  • Attribution for many types of contributions across a wide spectrum of scholarship
  • Relating research resources in eagle-i to people and organizations using eagle-i Resource Ontology (ERO)
  • Tracking of scientific impact realized within clinical guidelines and other policies (in systems such as NIH PARDI)

OpenRIF will help link and classify data in various systems and organizations about people and their relationship to different scholarly products, such as publications, grants, presentations, courses, software, material resources, clinical instruments, protocols, etc.