OpenRIF Update, 2016.08.01

It’s August! Seems like a good time for another OpenRIF update.

Attribution of Contributions in Open Source Communities

Members of the OpenRIF community may find Kate McLaughlin’s presentation from PyCon 2016, Build a Better Hat Rack: All Contributions Welcome of interest. This talk focuses on the #LABHR movement, started by Leslie Hawthorn. LABHR describes a five-step process to identify and thank, both privately and publicly, non-code contributions. There is a strong analogy to issues in academia around attributing non-authorship contributions to science. Compare and contrast!

VIVO 2016 Conference Posters

Both of our poster submissions for the VIVO 2016 conference were accepted. If you’ll be in attendance, come talk to Marijane about OpenRIF and the SciENcv alignment to the VIVO-ISF ontology during the poster reception on August 17th from 5-7pm.

VIVO for Historical Persons at VIVO 2016

Thea Lindquist and Alex Viggio invited Marijane to help out with the ontology extensions for their VIVO for Historical Persons project, The model was extended to accommodate diplomatic missions and historical dates. VIVO4HP will be a featured presentation at VIVO 2016 on August 18th. OWL files and ontology diagrams can be found at the OpenRIF github:

Look for an OpenRIF blog post going into more detail soon.

ICBO 2016 Conference Poster

We managed to sneak the SciENcv/VIVO-ISF poster into the ICBO 2016 conference, happening this week Aug 1-4 in Corvallis, OR on the Oregon State University campus. See it during one of the many poster sessions scheduled throughout the conference.

OpenRIF Update, 2016.06.01

Update about OpenRIF activities in the first half of 2016. Continue reading

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