OpenRIF Update, 2016.06.01

It’s June! A lot has been happening in the OpenRIF community since I joined in February. An update seems in order.

OpenRIF workshop at FORCE2016

Members of the OpenRIF community successfully conducted a workshop at FORCE2016 in April. A recap has been posted at the OpenRIF Blog. Which brings us to…


We have begun occasionally posting content to the OpenRIF blog. In addition to updates like the one you are reading now, over the summer there will be a series of posts rehashing presentations from the workshop at FORCE2016. Links to blog posts will be posted to the OpenRIF Twitter.

VIVO User Group Meeting

Members of the OpenRIF community were in attendance at the VIVO User Group Meeting in Chicago on May 5th and 6th. A productive and stimulating discussion about ontology change management occurred on the second morning of the meeting, and it ended with an list of action items that includes the creation of an ontology development process, which will be addressed in more detail in at least one future blog post. A more detailed recap can be found at the VIVO Blog.

OpenRIF on Gitter

A handful of OpenRIF chat rooms were created on Gitter, most within the last two weeks.

VIVO 2016 Conference Poster Submissions

We took advantage of the extended poster submission deadline for VIVO 2016 to submit a poster abstract about OpenRIF. Marijane White also submitted a poster abstract about the SciENcv/VIVO-ISF integration project.

Google Group Housekeeping

The two OpenRIF Google Group mailing lists were reorganized this week. The group formerly known as “openrif” is now “openrif-community” and will be used as a place to post updates like the one you are reading now and a place to ask questions about OpenRIF. The group formerly known as “openrif-team” is now known as “openrif-dev” and is the place to go to talk about things like tools, process, ontology changes, documentation, website updates, and conference participation – in other words, any and all of the work done by the OpenRIF community.!forum/openrif-dev

OpenRIF Update, 2016.08.01

Update about OpenRIF activities in June and July of 2016. Continue reading

FORCE2016 Workshop Recap

Published on April 29, 2016

OpenRIF at FORCE2016

Published on April 12, 2016