OpenRIF, the Open Research Information Framework, is an open source community devoted to developing and promoting interoperable and extensible semantic infrastructure for scholarship.

OpenRIF community members currently work on various semantic infrastructure components:

  • VIVO-ISF for representing people, works and the relationships of people and works eagle-i for representing research resources, and the relationship of those resources to people and their works
  • SciENcv, the federal researcher profile and biosketch infrastructure
  • PARDI, the NIH Portfolio Analysis and Reporting Data Infrastructure, for research impact and evaluation
  • Attribution for many types of contributions across a wide spectrum of scholarship

OpenRIF seeks to align with other information representation efforts in scholarship to insure scalable/exchangeable information infrastructure for scholarship. Such related efforts include ORCiD, SHARE, DataCite, NIH BD2K, LD4L, EuroCRIS and others. OpenRIF relies on existing semantic infrastructure such as obo, bfo, foaf, skos, and others to contribute to a growing effort to share semantics across domains.

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